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    this is a series I made almost a year ago

    1. Sensual


    2. Emotions


    3. Save the last dance for me


    4. Wild thing
    You make my heart sing
    You make everything
    Come on, wild thing
    (Chip Taylor)


    5. Touch me ...
    .... in the morning
    and last thing at night


    6. Transient
    The last image of this little series ...
    My hommage to all that are able to 'feel' images
    Those who have lived and will live the darkest depths and the brightest heights of emotions


    Just details of tulips, hope you enjoy and maybe there is a touch of emotions .....

    If you enjoyed this little series and want to take a look at some more pieces of art made by nature

    Will now try to keep a resonable distance between me and the computer for a day ;-)
    Sincerely Helmut
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    Those first 5 look really nice, especially numer 4 and 3, not to sure about the last one though.

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