Wondlan "Elfin" Mini Handheld Camera Stabilizer for DSLR Canon 5D Mark II Nikon D700

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    1. DV screw is made of ¼” stainless steel of International standard to lock DSLR DV equipment directly .
    2. Universal ball joint : Universal handle components are the main damping element of stabilizer . When camera man hold the handle to move for shooting , the shooting equipments keeps balance by universal ball joint according to the principal of inertia.
    3. Handle designed of the basis of ergonomics is made of high strength ABS. It is excellent for the Anti skidding function and offers a comfortable and flexible touch.
    4. Adjust the balance pivot front and back via locknut .
    5. Adjustment of left and right balance : Adjust right and left balance by left and right balance bar ; when the adjustment is finished , do not forgot to lock the fastening screw before use.
    6. Adjustment of back and front gravity , bottom of the product is the place for counter weight of weights . One can adjust and fix it according to size and weight of various type of camcorders and DSLR until it reaches a balance.
    the price: $145.96

    more details:
    Wondlan Elfin Mini DV Stabilizer for Canon 5D Mark II Nikon D700

    Wondlan Elfin Mini DV Stabilizer for Canon 5D Mark II Nikon D700


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