XSI vs 40D

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by tresguey, Jan 23, 2009.

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    Still on the hunt for a DSLR and my funds are now in place. so trying to research for it i noticed specs of the XSI and 40D are almost identical. but then again I no nothing about what I'm looking at....which makes me think why would i buy the 40D when i can save alot and get the XSI. but if the 40D is much better and just not found out why yet should i consider the D90?
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    This question has been asked over and over for several years...only the model names have changed.

    In this case, the XSi is a newer camera and gives you more mega pixels than the 40D, although mega pixel count isn't a great indicator of image quality and the 40D might have better image quality. I'm not certain, but I think the XSi might have a newer processor than the 40D (but not the 50D).

    The biggest difference between the two is the actual body. The size and build of them are quite different...and if you can go into a store and hold them both, you will clearly see the difference. Also the 40D shoots at a faster continuous rate than the XSi, which is a big advantage if you do that type of shooting. The 40D is know to have very good AF as well, I'm sure the XSi is good but I'm not sure if it's as good as the 40D.

    They are both good cameras and if you don't need the extra features or quality of the 40D, then you might be better off saving money with the less expensive XSi and putting the savings toward a good lens.

    Either way, I really suggest going into a camera shop and holding both of them.
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    As Big Mike noted, most of the difference is in build quality. The 40D is a magnesium framed full size semi-pro camera. It's a tank with some weather sealing (not up to 5D and 1D standards though). The XSi is all plastic and is light weight feeling by comparison.

    Image quality is really about the same even though the XSi has a couple more megapixels.

    There are some notable differences between the two though:

    - 40D 6.5 frames per second burst vs. 3.5 on the XSi
    - 40D has better weather sealing (rain, dirt, dust)
    - 40D has a bigger and brighter view finder with optional focusing screens
    - 40D has a PC sync port for optional external lighting, GPS, and WiFi connectivity

    I would take Mikes advice and go play with them both. It's hard to buy something like a camera without having first played with it.

    I recently had to decide between a 50D and a D90. I spent over an hour playing with them side by side before deciding on the 50D (to replace my 40D). Here's my post regarding the comparison - LINK and why I decided on the 50D.

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