Lagoon Fish Sunrise

Lagoon Fish Sunrise

These are awesome cool fish sculptures that look like they've been done by weaving palm leaves together (but it's really stainless steel) They're actually standing out of the lagoon.
I wondered what they were for a second. They looked like fish but I had to read your description to make sure. :mrgreen:

Excellent silhouette. I like the colours in the sky and the slight glimpse of fluffy clouds to the right. The bird is nice to. It's great how you trained him to do that. :lol:
hahaha! Trust me I didn't want them there the airplanes either! And there would have only been about 3 birds flying round that morning, but they're always in my photos! If they were crows, it would be ok i guess ;-) .... but thank god we don't have crows this far north, otherwise I would go mad.

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