Mother with Son
Christie Photo

Mother with Son

Flawless portrait of a mother and child. It is immaterial if anyone is awake or not or what the technical details of the capture are.

There are any number of ways this effect could be achieved, e.g. in-camera or post-production.

Should we ask Mr. Rembrandt what type of brush or pigment used to create his masterpiece.

Ms. Christie, this could not have been done better.
I wrote this entire comment - and it said I didnt rate the picture, which in fact I DID rate it as a 10 - UGH. So here I go again, and if it doesn't post, my computer will be crushed to it's never ending death into the middle of the street lol

Okay, here it goes again. This is an absolutely goregous photography piece. I love black/white with phasing especially the way that you did your focus on the mothers upper and the childs upper but phased out the bottom so the focal points were of the mai
I like this photo, it's so beautiful, you can use this photo to be the cover image of your slideshow with Photo DVD Maker:lol:
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