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  • Pink Flowers Macro and Bee
    Nominated for POTM
  • stone arch bridge
    I like that you put the viewers eye in a place and with a perspective we don't normally get in life, to make us see something in a different way.
  • Spring textures
    I like it. In both this, and the other one (Stone Arch Bridge) you are clearly going for stong perspective lines and placing your lens in a position where the human eye usually doesn't go - up close to the subject and on the ground (in the bridge shot) to make us see the lines heading toward...
  • Pink Water droplet
    Another beautiful image. If it were only the water droplet, it would still be a great shot, but the sharp, clear focus of the background flower within the droplet takes it to a next level image. Subtle but just really nice. Beautiful shot, and you have quite a few of them for an impressive...
  • Blue Bubble
    This is a really beautiful photo. And I agree with Sniper, quite sales worthy. You may be undervaluing your own efforts.


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