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    Dark Room Pocket Doors

    I made my darkroom walls and doors in my basement out of heavy duty contractor black trash bags from a hardware store. A very inexpensive solution! And it works great!
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    Which film do you use?

    I shoot with kodak TMAX...because well I like the way it looks and feels :) I have also used some ilford that I enjoyed but I liked the tmax better (just my opinion) I was film shopping too a while ago and you can spend hundreds but I just stick with Kodak because of the price and quality...
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    Help with flash website

    I need some help with making a flash website. I have everything working but I do not know how to display my photos. I have done some google searching all day and I can only find how to take a swf file or a premade flash photo gallery and put it on a html website. All I want is a few thumbnails...
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    Random shots from yesterday C&C

    The last one is a little soft but I really like the composition!
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    Photography Scholarship

    I am currently working on a BFA in Photography and the cost of college is out of control. I have been searching and searching for art and/or photography scholarships. I found one or two but I was wondering if anyone knows of any scholarships, art, photography, or even specifically film...
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    Processes for Photographic Paper

    Yes you need to wash after the Fix bath. I wash for about ten minutes. When developing times may differ for what chemicals you are using. For me: Ilford paper developer--- two minutes Kodak stop----thirty seconds Ilford rapid fix---two minutes Wash---ten minutes Putting the bulb you show...
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    Photographic Paper Recommendations

    No it is not printer paper. Photographic paper is light sensitive paper that in a darkroom you project your negative from the enlarger. So you will need to buy this kind of paper for your pinhole camera. Also you will need a darkroom to develop the paper in. I would suggest Arista paper from...
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    Arista Premium 400 or Kodak TX 400

    they are both essentially the same film. Freestyle just repackaged it under its brand name (Arista). I like spending the extra for the real thing. But if you are on a tight budget you cannot beat the dollar a roll Arista. The Kodak will most likely give a little better results. I suggest buying...
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    Fresh out of the Darkroom

    Thank you. I agree it bothered me too. I wish I would have pulled back more. Thats a good suggestion on scanning. I'll have to try it
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    Bryce Canyon and Zion Nat'l Park (C&C apreciated!)

    I really like number four. Except for the object or whatever it is coming into the frame on the left. I like the shadows on the hills. you captured the light pretty well.
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    Fresh out of the Darkroom

    I have not posted anything since I started shooting film. So I broke down and decided to scan a few of my prints. My scanner is HORRIBLE and is by no means a photo scanner. The real prints have much better contrast and tone. The blacks are richer and the whites are brighter. But I just...
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    Shawnee, Ohio Film: Tmax 400
  13. Cloths Pins

    Cloths Pins

    Eastern, Ohio Film: Arista Premium
  14. Bottles


    Shawnee, Ohio Film: Tmax 400
  15. Corn


    Eastern, Ohio Film: Tmax 400