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    Using extension tubes

    Nice detail in #2 #1 doesn't work for me with the the brown background, and there is also a fair bit of noise showing in the dark areas.
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    couple snowboarding shots. c&c please.

    Hey JayL It can be a pain to focus quickly in poor light! Your best bet may be to pre focus, and close the aperature as much as you can to get the most DOF, while keeping your exposure accurate. You have to visualise where the rider will be and try to manually focus to that point. You may...
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    Good sites for on camera flash.

    Go to the strobist website: Strobist Do the "lighting 101" assignments. Enjoy!
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    SIGMA: New 85mm/1.4, new 70-200 stabilized

    I hope their new 17-50 f2.8 OS lense is equal to the canon 17-55 f2.8, and cheaper!
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    Tasteful HDR? You be the judge!

    Nice job! I like the HDR you did! Not too over cooked like a lot of HDR you see. I would back down just a hair more to keep it real, but I still really like the first two. Cheers
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    Moving Motorcycle Photo Help....

    Your safest bet would be slow speed shots on foot! I have shot with a P&S from a bike, and I find it a pain! If you use a slow shutter speed with panning and a rider moving just above walking/jogging speed you can get a nice blurred effect and both rider and photog are safe! Cheers
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    couple snowboarding shots. c&c please.

    Not bad shots. #1 Rider is overpowered by the building in the background, but great lighting #2 Foreground seems to pull your eye away from the rider #3 Good light, but rider seems slightly OOF You are definitely heading in the right direction!! Keep on going! Cheers
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    WTB: Sigma 30mm f1.4 Canon mount

    Hi all I am looking for a Sigma 30mm f1.4 Canon mount. Looking for good to excellent condition. PM or email me with price, condition, age, and whats included. Located in Canada would be a bonus, but anywhere in North America is good. Cheers CP
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    Bike Trial downtown Zurich

    Sweet shots!!! Good lighting to combat the sun!! Your timing on the action is perfect as well!
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    Motor Week 09 - Snowmobiles on water

    Looks like a gas!!! Those guys jumping are a few bricks short of a load though!! I don't like accidentally going over open water on a sled, let alone jumping into it!! Cheers
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    damascus knife

    Nice shot! I really like the texture in the damscus forging! Try going to a smaller aperature to increase your depth of field, like f13 or f16. That should help get the upper portion of the blade more in focus.
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    Boats - both low and high speed

    Nice shots, lots of fun!!!
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    Motor Week 09 - Mad Mopeds

    Great shots!! Looks like a lot of fun!
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    Concert Photos- Our Lady Peace

    Nice shots!! Well done! I saw Blue Rodeo Friday night, and was kicking myself for not bringing my camera!
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    Heads up for Canadians

    INteresting!! Too bad they don't have more lenses on the list!!!