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  • Hello 4Nines,
    I have an ebay account (justbeamensch) with 100% feedback and would like to market a huge quantity of vintage Kodak, Agfa, Ifford B&W paper. I don't want to break any rules. May I proceed with listing?
    Hello ...sorry I didn't find this earlier but I'll let u know .I posted a thread asking if anyone was interested in some vintage leica cameras lenses and gear ...I tried to post a picture but it said they were to big and since I'm not the smartest when it comes to technology Im kinda stuck ....please help as I do not know what to do thanks Nicholas ritchison baltimore0417@gmail.com
    Hello, I'd like to advertise on these forums. I have a great offer that can really benefit the community, and I think i'd be a win-win-win for all parties involved. The community, staff, and myself. Please be in touch, thanks.
    Hello 4Nines. I read the rules for advertising. I would like to let this comunity to know that I do customized ICC profiles specifically for the photographers that print at home. This is a service, and not an item. . Please let me know what is the correct way to advetise my service here. Thank you.
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