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    Ladies Tea Event - C&C

    thanks for the feedback brett :) #6 is my personal fave too :D
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    Ladies Tea Event - C&C

    I was asked by a close friend if I would shoot some photos at the local church's annual tea party event. This was a great no-pressure opportunity for me to be able practice, because it was all just for fun. This year's theme for the tea party was "Wedding Dresses Through the Eras". The church...
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    First time not on auto CC

    yes this is exactly what i was thinking as well :) this looks much better!
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    From earlier today C&C please

    #1 is really cool! no complaints here :) everything looks great #2 something is off here... not quite sure what it is (i am still learning too!) but good job on getting all the lights from the cars to streak, that's really cool #3 the lighting here is too harsh. the highlights are too...
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    Too Pasty or Nice Unexpected Result?

    I don't think the lens flare is a bad thing. Sometimes lens flare can be really nice and I think it adds to the photo in this circumstance. Except the photo seems kinda hazy or out of focus or something... not really sure what it is... is it caused by the lens flare??? I can't tell
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    c&c if you are not too busy :)

    oh and p.s... for the off-camera flash i suggested, there are lots of websites out there to learn about this and many that give tips on do-it-yourself lighting :) here are some links: Five Great Flash Techniques To Improve Your Photography Light | Strobist: Lighting 101...
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    c&c if you are not too busy :)

    #1 is definitely too saturated. the background is a little busy as well. i'm not sure where the skater's shadow is at on the ground... seems to be missing maybe?? #2 i think this one is the strongest of the bunch because of the composition. some better lighting would make this photo...
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    Fisrt Snow of 2009

    oh i love the second shot with that flower just buried under snow... that is a rare find indeed!
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    C&C on this photo

    well the colors are absolutely beautiful!! the lighting is great, the subject is interesting and the composition is nice & simple. don't forget the rule of thirds though. it would be nice if the horizon was either on the top third line or the bottom third line, rather than in the center. and...
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    first time with action shot C&C

    Good job with the composition in #1 and #2 :) Good job also with the shutter speed and "freezing" the motion going on here. The whites seem to be a little on the blue side... I'm guessing that has to do with the white balance, but I'm still learning about that so I'm not completely sure :lol...
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    Question and CC

    I think the crop you did on the first one is probably the same crop I would have done for that picture. Not really sure what the other person meant by cropping out the yellow dog and the shed... as cropping off that whole section of the photo would give a strange composition with the black dog...
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    Some Christmas shots for C&C

    x2 to everything that Stosh said :) I also like #1 better... it's a nicer composition. These have a nice, warm & cozy feeling to them :)
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    C&C please

    ok i completely disagree about this photo being grainy. there is a lot of detail in the dog's fur and that is a GOOD thing!! you don't want to lose the detail. I think the angle of this is nice because it is different, but a bit of the dog is outside of the frame. try keeping the dog in the...
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    4 shots for cc please

    #2 is a nice way to study DOF :) i just did this same thing today with some jellybeans :lol: i like the lighting in these a lot, especially in #3 and #4 but surely you can find something interesting around your house to shoot! how about that christmas tree in the background?? you could...
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    Water Drops (My turn)

    excellent! great colors, looks nice & sharp, well done!! :)