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    Spartacus and Purr Purr

    Good for you for adopting from a shelter!:mrgreen: Very cute pic.
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    Motorcycle Racing

    #4 is phenomenal! Great job!
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    I LOVE my new lens (56K? No Way)

    Oh, those are fantastic! Please, keep taking more! Love the poses in 16,6 3,1. #1 is simply gorgeous. Enjoy your new lenses!
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    And what a color appropriate photo for such a milestone! Congratulations- you deserve it! This forum wouldn't be the same without you.:hug::
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    :D What a cool grandmother you have! Very cute.
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    Fins with teeth

    Wow, the first shot is awesome. I like how you caught it with the fin out so we can see all the fine, delicate detail.:thumbup:
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    Brown bird

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    funny butterfly photo

    This was too funny. This lady was trying to comfort her crying child and, despite attempts by helpful onlookers, was completely unaware of the butterfly sitting on her head.:lmao:
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    Slimey cesspool

    Eeeew, but what a vibrant shade of green it is!
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    Nothing to see here move on to the next thread

    Ooo, I think I like the first one best, although #3 comes a close second. For me it has a forest primevil feel to it, dark and mysterious. The perfect place for a Bigfoot sighting! Do you have Bigfeet over there?
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    I wish it were sitting on my lawn! Hmm, maybe not. I have enough trouble trying to convince my own cats not to eat the wildlife. They live indoors but they still stare hungrily out the window at the birds
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    Texas In The Spring

    Ooo, I wish we had shows like that out here. I love the perspective on the wide angle shot.
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    I got this e-mail.

    I entered a photo in their contest and "won" also. I looked through some of the sample picures featured in their book and most of them looked like snapshots. They even sent me some sort of medal "valued" at $100. Maybe I'll keep an eye out for the book if it ever comes out and decide then if...
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    Some from this week...

    So incredibly sharp!! I love how the colors of the bird in the first one mimic the colors of the wood.