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    Photography 411

    Chris, I like your photography directory. Keep going :) Could you add my info? Email sent. Thanks! By the way, USA - Georgia photographers page displays "404 page not found" error
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    Las Vegas Photographer

    You have a good eye, ngaerlan. But you really need to improve your portfolio. It is hard to find a paying client, especially wedding photography client, without good samples of your work. In my understanding, you've just started. A tip from my "start": I worked several weddings free (just for...
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    My Atlanta Wedding Photography website

    Thanks for the thread and opportunity! My Atlanta Wedding Photography website DOM FOTO - Atlanta Wedding Photographer Alex Kay A few pics "going to the chapel of love" "the groomsmen" "the blind zone"
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    360 product photography

    Wow! That's cool! I am thinking of applying this technology in my wedding photography LOL
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    Wedding Photography

    Very colorful pictures, Fahad! nice work. I love to photograph Indian weddings. So special.
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    some really cool BW

    Nice work, bigwell! "Waterfall" and "Captured" are my favorites!
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    World Cup

    USA! USA! USA!
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    VIVA FIFA WC2010!

    Love Football!! or soccer if you wish :) I took this photo during a wedding bridal session in Atlanta last week. Go USA!!
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    First Post! - Wedding Shots

    the bride seems lost on the very first photo. the second... imho the tree can be cropped out. the hands... why three hands? there are no flowers anyway
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    My First SOLO Wedding

    Very good for the first SOLO ;) IMHO- 2,3,4 need to be brighter. If you do not enhance brightness in PS, I would recommend to use exposure bracketing.
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    Bridal Getting Ready session

    1:30AM... Just finished playing with some images... Have to share with someone :)
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    (Lucky) shots

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    Water + Patience

    Good speed! Love the first one!!
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    1st mono HDR

    Wow! I love this photo! Good job
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    Some B&W

    i like #4 the best in this set