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    A French girl onboard

    And welcome from New Zealand (or should that be Nouvelle Zealande?)
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    The problem for me is that my eye constantly goes to the red blob on the left
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    V-8 MGB

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    How do you take your coffee?

    Long black, extra shot. (That make it a triple) At home I use a locally roasted dark organic fairtrade blend called Oomph, freshly ground before making. The other option is a couple of cafes in town that do a Japanese Siphon.
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    Guitar players

    I play bass, and have an Ibanez Soundgear SR405 5 string, playing through a Mesa Boogie Basis 6000 and 4x10 Quad. OH, and I have a Takamine Acoustic guitar as well.
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    Nikkormat FT2: Can't seem to focus

    I had an FT2 years ago and It had the fresnel field VF, but there was a clear circle in the middle with a split image as well. My dad's FT had the same, but withiut the split image.
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    The Toyota Prius vs. me...I lost! :(

    I change down when I pass a Prius, just because I can!!!
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    Rebel XT lens on the Rebel T3i

    I hear good things about the Canon 40mm f2.8 for video. It is supposed to have an ultra quiet autofocus which is better for video.
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    Camera's Metering System's Peculiarity

    Have you tried getting your exposure set and using the exposure lock to hold it while you reframe?
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    Nikon D3100 flash won't pop up

    My daughter had this with her Canon 1100D (not from being dropped though.) Turned out there was a piece of crud stuck in the latch that was stopping it from releasing.
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    summertime is bikini sunset time.

    And what was the sunset like?
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    T4i - is this a better camera than a point and shoot?

    I have a 600D (T3i I think) and find it great. But the best thing I did for my photography was join a club and let others see and comment on my work, and go to every tutorial session the club would run. My local club only has around 30 members, but there is a wealth of experience and people...
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    Dorothy.....something from left field

    But not the red ones
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    Mine is a 3SGE powered Altezza
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    Stroked 2JZ??