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    Sarah's Wedding (Hired 1 week before wedding)

    Yea those are pretty much the worse conditions for photographers... there really isnt much you can do other than be a shade hunter!! I feel for you...
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    Sarah's Wedding (Hired 1 week before wedding)

    Ummm...maybe its just my screen but all the whites look blown. I can't see any of the detail in her dress, and that is a big wedding no no.
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    Sweet baby

    I haven't shared anything in awhile, thought I'd share this collage... Thanks for looking...
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    I have a bludomain site and LOVE it. The only down side is that every photog out there uses them, so a lot of people have the same site as me. But for what you pay....its more than worth it.
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    One of my favorites....

    I really love all of these photos, great job! What were your weather conditions like? Was it overcast or did you shoot it in really late day sun? I only ask because you are obviously not in open sun. great job!
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    Your Dial up will catch on fire- Joe and Ashley

    I think you did an amazing job! Bravo to you! And who ever heard of a bride doing cartwheels? I can't do one normally, let alone with a 20lb dress on. Goodness...
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    One Cool Cat...

    Westcott makes one that works just like an umbrella. I believe it is their Apollo series. There are only two, a small one and a larger one. It attaches just like an umbrella would!
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    One Cool Cat...

    As promised, here is the shot of my setup: Pretty simple really. All it is is my external flash on a light stand with a softbox and a set of pocketwizards! Very simple and easy but adds a lot of drama to a photo! This is the same setup I use for bridals as well! HTH!
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    One Cool Cat...

    Yay! I'm glad that I'm not the only one that digs his shoes! As for the lighting, I figured someone would ask, so I took a pull back shot of the setup. It's on my computer at home, so I will post it tonight!
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    One Cool Cat...

    Awww I actually really liked his shoes. A bit distracting but they really suit him! Thanks for the kind words.
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    One Cool Cat...

    I wanted to post a few from this session because this guy is just so cool. He is a local musician and reminded me so much of the old school crooners. He would start singing during the session just so that he would look authentic! I loved that about him. This was literally a 10 min shoot...
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    ..for me at least. I've been playing around with a lot of different lighting setups. Just thought I'd share some recent stuff... Thanks for looking. :)
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    Beauty Full

    Thanks so much for the kind words. Okay so here are some answers... !)Believe it or not, my pp is not really that extensive. The key to my style is really good exposures! In photoshop, I do a curves adjustment and I bump the color saturation a little bit. Beyond that, I do some...
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    Audrey and Joe

    Can I just book a plane ticket now and come study wedding photography with THE MASTER!?!? When is the Cindy workshop? :) These are absolutely stunning girlie! I am in awe of you...
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    The First Wedding of '08 (for me)

    Yea, the dancing shots are always hard because people are moving so you have to shoot them really fast and even then, sometimes you just get them in bad positions! I think you did a great job on these, you can sense the emotion felt by two of them, which is really what it is all about and what...