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    Portrait Critique

    I think it's all a matter of personal taste. I prefer the second one because his face isn't so red, so it looks more natural. Hope this helps.
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    My Nephew C&C Welcome

    This is my first nephew, I'm a first time aunt, and it was my first time meeting him. I tried, as best I could, to get some good photos of him but... My brother and sister-in-law are not too keen on photographs (Not sure why :( ) So, here's a couple of what I did get, and most are taken inside...
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    another senior portrait

    That came out nice. I love how soft it is, and nice cropping. :)
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    My boy, Bubba, when he got back from the vet. He was attacked, thankfully he's still here though! Cleaning his toes. He looks so silly doing this, I had to capture it.
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    Food and drink

    Fruits Veggies Stuffed Peppers Chocolate Cake Coffee
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    Sneakers: Shoeheads come in!

    My friend's converse.
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    Flowers/Floral Stuff

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    Self portrait for critique

    It definitely is underexposed and I'd say you need some separation from the background, like JE Kay said. Stand up away from the background some, then maybe also you'll be more in focus and the background would be more blurred. Also try bumping up your ISO, it might help with the blurryness...
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    Aw, she's precious! Congratulations on your new granddaughter. She looks like a little doll in this photo.
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    Wedding Photos From This Weekend

    Those turned out very nice, I'm sure the couple will be very pleased. My favorites are #s 2 and 3, the lighting is spectacular, and I like the simplicity. Nice work.
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    A Year Next Week

    It's good you added the rocking chair, though. I am still learning about photographing babies and older children myself, my first newborn shoot back in January, did not go so well. So I am always amazed at people's photos of babies and children, and yours I think are just really great here.
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    Photographer In Front of the Lens

    I'm trying to improve. I liked the brick for her better than the bright pink wall to the left of her. :) haha -- the brick just seemed more appropriate. But thanks for commenting!!!!
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    A Year Next Week

    Those are very nice. I love the second one and the others with her in the rocking chair!! Too cute!
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    Part of a new project "Splattered" **Possible NSFW**

    Those are pretty awesome! I like that they're colorful without being too overpowering. :)
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    1st post in this section C&C please...

    I agree with what the others say. The brightened up version is nice, but I would still tackle the circles under her eyes. Also, perhaps a crop closer to her, so less of the light spots, would be benefical. That way the focus would be less on the lights and more on the model. But good attempt.