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    Darwin Award Hopeful

    Molotov Motorcycle Company
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    Hand wired

    Just your basic triode amplifier. I remember them well.
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    Fuuuudge ........

    Poor little guy! He looks discouraged.
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    In the Santa Line

    Nice shot! Does it say something about today's society that the first thing I thought of was the lack of social distancing and not a mask in sight?
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    A Nap Waiting To Happen

    I've heard of a herd of cows, a flock of geese, a murder of crows and now we have a nap of cats.
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    Rainy Day Waterfalls

    Quite unique! I really like the 1st but the selective focus on the 2nd is a bit much. I would have liked to see a larger area in focus.
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    A walk in the woods

    Your wish is my command! (I already had them processed as such.) I liked the way the grain showed in the color version, although I like this as well. The gray of this older bridge does stand out against the green and yellow of the foliage.
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    A walk in the woods

    A couple weeks back I went camping and had a nice walk in the woods. 1. The newly rebuilt bridge. 2. An older bridge further upstream. 3. Ancient Runes! 4. The dragon in the woods. 5. The park was built by the CCC in the 30's
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    Week 38|39 B&W Challenge brought to you by the letter B

    B is for bridge which crosses the banks.
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    I like the composition and lighting but the focus seems to be a little soft. The glitter is not as sharp as I would like to see it.
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    Where eagles dare ...

    Nice! AT&T building in Dayton?
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    I wish I knew the name of this plant ...

    If you dip the flower in pancake batter and fry it, they can be quite tasty.
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    I wish I knew the name of this plant ...

    Queen Anne's lace. I believe it is a form of wild carrot.
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    Indian Mound Reserve

    It's just outside of Cedarville.
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    Indian Mound Reserve

    I recently discovered a park I had never heard of. Surprisingly, it's only half an hour from home. The stream flows through a narrow gorge and used to be home to several mills.