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    Is 100mm to tight for a crop-sensor?

    I think the only advantage in a 60mm is that you get a standard prime lens as well - but for serious work you need 100+mm for distance
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    Cemetery Girl

    too much of a conflict in subjects for me, might be better with less flesh and also changing composition to 1/3rds - otherwise a neat idea
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    Great use of the OTT HDR processing and it does not look false
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    ditto - do not 'see' it
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    Amsterdam channels

    Strange effect - I think you have gone slightly over the top in pp-ing. Interesting water effect Can you show us the original? Zog
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    excellent and well caught
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    I would add that it might be better if the whole leaf was in focus - using a larger f number may help - keep at it
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    The Feed Cart

    absolutely great lighting and lovely rendition
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    tomorrow's butterfly

    wow that's lovely - though I think it could be given a bit more contrast and zap - want me to have a bash? Thanks for sharing
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    Flowers for the dead

    I think you have captured it very well - well done
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    Afternoon Tea

    nice composition and contrast
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    groovy - well done
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    Two Inside College Pictures for C&C

    you are correct - 1st one is blurred, or rather not focused - at least 1pixel out on this small sized image. Go try FocusMagic (trial) and just see what it does for you - I use it all the time hey - like the photos!!
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    Chinese Garden - Huntington Library

    My mistake, so you did, but the right hand large rock just threw it for me
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    Glen Falls

    nice photo - but I would push the actual waterfall a bit to get it to stand out