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    Photo and file management/backup system?

    Hello, I need to set up a file management/backup system and have been reading all the back posts on this subject. I think I have a plan but would like some input on some things that are still not clear. First my MO: - Relatively minimal storage needs compared too many (most?) on this forum...
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    Film scanning resolution, Epson V500

    Thanks for the reply, TwoRails. When I choose 8x10 as the target it will only let me set the resolution to 1200, not any higher. Yet I can set the resolution all the way up to 6400 if I leave the "target size" at original or 4x6 at the most. What happens if I set the resolution to 2400 and...
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    Old rolls of negatives?

    Hello, I'm in the process of going through my fathers negatives and slides in preparation for scanning them into digital format. I will be using an epson v500 which accepts two strips of 3 frame negative if I recall correctly. My assumption is the negatives will need to be cut into three frame...
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    Film scanning resolution, Epson V500

    Hello, new guy here with a couple questions if you don't mind. I have a good number of negatives, slides, prints from my father and grandfathers collection that I want to convert to digital format. I have investigated the scanning services and will likely send a good many of them out to be...