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    Senior Session on the Farm

    are these all natural lighting ? were you using any flashes, reflectors?
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    trouble brainstorming

    to help you out "more future" is meant to be a photo concerning a new way of communicating and future development in a certain national bank.
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    trouble brainstorming

    I'm brainstorming and am having trouble getting just the right motive and photo in my head to go out and shoot.. your theme is "More future" - now do a professional commercial photo for that any ideas?
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    finally launched a blog

    this is not the first but definitely the first serious blog i'm going to devote my time to. If anyone ever wants to comment on anything, subscribe or view any photos, please do! =) Journey of light
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    Little help with my flash

    happened to me to when i started out strobing, and to this day i don't know why there's a difference in shooting outside or inside. if i shoot inside at 1/250 i get half the shot darkened, but if i'm in the sun i can shoot up to 1/320 with no problem.. maybe cause the sky gets darkened and i...
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    Off camera lighting for outdoor portraiture - will this work?

    i'd suggest either a vivitar (they're great but i only have one because of the crazy shipment costs) or a yongnuo flash (i have it and it's awesome) and of course cheap, full automatic controls and costs like 70$ and i don't agree that these flashes are "something to fool around until you get...
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    Flash overpowering

    don't waste money on a meter unless you got too much of it.. just meter your scene (let's say it's 1/200 at F5.6) and adjust either your flash power or any of the settings to get an even exposure, if you want to take the fun out of it, then get a meter.
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    A Happy Hippie

    they're actually too big for me to fully enjoy.. try hosting them no flickr or something
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    Noob ! wedding pics

    what's your gear? #3 looks divine, no flashes used at all?
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    had a semi-serious photoshoot, this is a semi-professional cyclist with many awards. he wanted his struggle, effort and phisycal stress to be semi-seen in the photos. i love saying the word semi today.
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    help please! upcoming shoot

    hey guys! since i am not shooting the entire group but just one person i had this sort of half-crazy idea for a photo, it's not too crazy and it's not too boring. after we do all the alley, ghetto, car shots.. i was thinking of a shot inside a warehouse (there's an abandoned one nearby), this...
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    help please! upcoming shoot

    sounds good camz, were you doing it in all natural light? i really don't wanna disappoint them, i think i'm going to write a list of possible locations and just put it out to them and let them decide.
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    help please! upcoming shoot

    thanks guys, usually i don't get much response here but i'm loving this! i don't know anything for sure yet but the music is defnitely ghetto and gangsta if you know what i mean. Derrel the idea with the car is awesome! definitely gonna try that! this isn't going to be a group shot, only one of...
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    help please! upcoming shoot

    KmH you understood me wrong.. i've had many shoots, i want tips on the setting, where to shoot a underground rap artist, what lighting would be best for a rapper and things like that. @village idiot: definitely! they've already promised a payment, but i really don't want to give them photos they...
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    help please! upcoming shoot

    a local underground rap group has contacted me today, they need photos of one of their rappers and if they are happy with the results they'd hire me for more shoots in the future. i'm confident that i'll get a great shoot but i really want a good idea of what i want before i get there...