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    Do Aliens exist?

    :er: :lmao: I’d say here’s why …
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    I do believe its verbals 18th birthday!.....>

    Happy Birthday, Verbs ... :heart: :hug::
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    Where is Aprilraven?

    :mrgreen: she is ... :mrgreen: they are ...
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    Maria is getting sooooooooooooo big!!!!!!!

    Look how sweet she is! She's grown so very much ... #9 is my favorite out of series ... you can just SEE the mischief she's going to cause you in the NEAR future!!! The boys won't know what hit 'em ... Thanks for sharing these, Raymond ... :hugs:
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    Just For Fun

    excellent finds, my friend!
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    13375P34K :D

    holy cow ... another geekspeak thread ... WHERE is the tylenol?!?!
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    Monique Rose

    a fantastic capture. Very moving.
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    excellent comp, Calliopallie ... wtg!
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    What Are You?

    100% Dixie. Is General Lee your grandfather?! Never a doubt in my mind!
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    the hand that leads......

    Oh for all the pearl on the gates .... would you two get a tomb already?!?!? :biglaugh:
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    archangel's adventure

    :pirate:...there'll be no living with her now ...:pirate:
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    I guess we should all thank Rob for not sharing ... if it was the same round, that is ...
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    ROYGBIV - An abstract study in color

    I had a flashback to science class!! But I knew immediately what you meant! I like the yellow best ... it made me dizzy while scrolling down!
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    WOoooohoo! Randog at 1k!

    Glad you're here .... and on the DarkSide! :boogie: :boogie:
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    Antarctican @ 2000

    WAY:band:TO :cheers:GO :smileys:ANTARCTICAN!!!!!!!!! :boogie: :clap: :boogie: :clap: