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    Well executed bunt

    sweet sequence. I let it auto scroll down the page several times.
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    BW physique

    Thank you all. I hope to keep up with him. Come competition time this December, I imagine the differences in muscle tone and body fat get quite dramatic.
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    BW physique

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    115 degrees

    Thanks tirediron. This was her 3rd shoot I think and yes, we have good laughs and everything. Once the camera raises up she needs oil like the tin man. Good chance we will shoot again and the focus will be facial expressions. I'll put the 5 ft. umbrella away as it floods my small space and I...
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    115 degrees

    I've been sitting on this backdrop for most of this year. I just enjoy being and shooting outdoors. Temps in the desert are scorching so conditioned air it is for a while. [
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    Red Dress

    Funny. It took a lot for me to post as is, Its a little bright to me. I never claimed to have the best eyes tho.
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    Red Dress

    Its hot in the desert. got out early this morning.
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    lowell auditorium

    actually almost only posted #3 but wanted to give an idea of the rest of the room. Had 5-6 min at most, wish I had more time to play. I'm sure I would have moved some of the random tables and what not that were in there temporarily.
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    lowell auditorium

    Inside an auditorium built in 1931. 1 2 3 lowell jhs by AaronPoston, on Flickr
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    look back

    one of my faves from recent shoot.
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    double trouble

    Fun shoot a couple nights ago. I expected one model and an observer, but one decided to have her first go at a shoot.
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    wings n things

    enjoyed my coffee at the park this morning . (not pictured) 4 yr old boy running off all the nearby creatures. DSC09636 DSC09504 DSC09618
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    Ruby Firelight

    excellent. thanks.