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    some DCR-250 Macro tests...

    So just started playin around with my new lens, i got alot of ideas but the weather isn't too great right now so let me know what u think of some things right now... i'm really just amazed at the magnification
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    Watch out.. a watch

    most watches are set at 10 and 2 b/c usually the brand name is under the 12 and it draws attention to it. if the brand is under then center, usually u will see it set at 4 and 8
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    canon s2 is/general photography help!

    Using P (with a flash if the objects are close) and without if not. P usually works better and when u hold the shutter halfway down for it to focus, it should show you how long it will leave the shutter open, whether is 1/60 or in lower light maybe 2" seconds. If its a 2" then yea, u better have...
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    a question for you photoshop users

    ok, so i went to File, New, and made a white square, it came up cream colored, i tried to select white as a color and it kept changing to cream, somethin about gamut out of range, so i held alt ctrl shift when opening PS and it asked if i wanted to delete my settings, i said yea, and it's...
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    a question for you photoshop users

    For awhile, anytime i open a pic in photoshop CS2, it shows it a more yellow or brown color? here's a pic to show after opening... Anyone know how to correct this? it's like it automatically changes a setting somewhere. PS and PS Elements both do this, IrfanView and any other non-adobe product don't
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    There's A Ghost In My Dresser (CAUTION: Very Pic Heavy)

    it looks like thru a hole in a fence...?
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    filter questions and ideas?

    OK, for xmas i got some filters and 58mm adapter from Lensmate. I love the metal adapter from lensmate vs a plastic one! So , i got a UV, Polarizing, and ND8 filter. The UV doesnt seem to have much use but for a lens protector, but when im outside (sunny) wouldnt i wanna use the Polarizer...
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    whiskey + money = new pics

    so i was bored last night and its too cold to be out so just went around the house and snapped a few shots. feedback welcome :)
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    Image Stability/New Camera Advice

    I'm not sure about DSLR's but i know the Canon S3 has IS and is very good, i'd say its the best high end point and shoot available. You can get 52mm or 58mm adapters and use many filters and lenses, wide angle and telephotos'. Plus, it has a 12x optical zoom, hook up a 2.2x Raynox tele and u got...
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    it says Legacy on the dash so i'd say so :-P I like the long time exposure on that, never thought about that
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    Apollo Moon "Hoax" - Photographic "Evidence" Questions

    I'm not disagreeing but the same photos are the ones on the NASA database, all the photos are available from there, i've done a few papers on it myself... just a thought
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    I spy with my cameras eye.....

    we got A WINNER... i'll let that slide, pretty much correct, i was thinking "water hose" :thumbup:
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    I spy with my cameras eye.....

    has to do with a liquid...
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    I spy with my cameras eye.....

    nope, u gotta look close, u can buy it at a store and it's a real name, not a slang term :)
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    I spy with my cameras eye.....

    I'll say one of u almost got it, but no... i'll give a hint on my next post, but i kinda already gave ya one