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    Second Wedding... period! (14 photos)

    What's wrong with #8? Seems to me if people let themselves show some passion on their wedding day you get a lot of grumbling about bad taste. But, I think there should be more of it! Who says when you get married you have to act so chaste? I like your shoe shots. I like #6 as well, but...
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    Recent Mountain Wedding

    Tirediron, thank you for your in-depth critique:) I do tend to process on the brighter side as I just prefer that look but I'll check and make sure there is still detail there. For #5, I purposefully was trying to get the building in the background as that was where their reception/wedding took...
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    Engagement Shoot Number 2

    These are fun and I like how you've worked in the environment! I'm thinking though that with the saturation you did you inadvertently added in some extra red to their skin tones which I can see mostly in the last two. #4 looks to be on the yellow side.
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    Kathy's Bridals!

    Hi TwoColor, I'm really liking the composition on #3 and #7. I'm liking the funky saturated look of #7, but I wonder what it might look like if you erased back the bride a little. It's already been mentioned, but I think overall the biggest concern for me is the blow out of her white dress in...
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    Two E-Sessions

    Brittany these are just awesome! You are seriously so talented. I'm jealous! :) I will have to save up $ to get you to be my destination wedding photographer (Have to work on getting engaged first though!) I've always thought I would love to have my E-session at a theme park or carnival or...
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    Recent Mountain Wedding

    I've been so busy that I haven't shared in awhile. But, I really liked some of the shots I got at this wedding and thought I'd stop by:) Any CC is appreciated! 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) The Bride was gorgeous. Hard to take a bad photo of her:) 8.) 9.) Most dramatic...
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    Modeling Headshots: Luke

    Sorry, but this made me laugh. I think this kid would get jobs mainly because his hair is so unique.
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    Recent Family Session - gray overcast! :-/

    I know not everyone does, but I like shooting on overcast days:) Overall these are very nice:) 1.) I like that you don't have the group centered in the photo. However, try to stagger the people in the group next time so that you don't get heads that are lined up in a row like the two older...
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    Katherine's Bridals - Utah State Capitol Building

    I think #7 is pretty neat:)
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    bb, I started having this problem with my old laptop once I had had it for a little while. I think if you do a lot of burning it can eventually wear out a little and not perform as well. Perhaps you should have someone check your burner? ETA: And to answer your question, I normally use...
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    First Paid Portrait Session

    Does she get the digital files of the 4 you touched up for her as part of the $200 price or does she need to pay more for the end product? I don't think $200 is that bad of a price if it was really more of a session fee (although going out for 2 days is more than I would have done for the...
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    Cost of Doing Business Calculator

    Pricing is always a hot topic on Photography forums and I found this link EXTREMELY helpful. Let me give you a little example.... I am a single female in my mid-20's (although my younger sisters like to say it's...
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    Target Market

    You have to remember that just because it is a part time venture doesn't mean you can really charge a whole lot less than the full timers. Even doing just a couple sessions a month can eat up a lot of your time and you need to value your time away from your family.
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    Another Garden Engagement Session (11 images!)

    Thank you for the replies everyone:) RowmyF, What would you do with the comp. in #4? I'm asking because that's the second time I've heard that about that image and I'm failing to see how I should do it differently. I know it's one of those images where it's perfectly broken up into 3rds and...
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    It's Raining!!!!

    I could be wrong, but it seems as though some website called JPGMag was the one who terminated the picture, not the photoforum.