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    Which crop is better?

    I'm the minority....I like the second....just grabs me more than the 1st. My mother was visiting Austria this past spring....I do believe she was going to (try to) climb that mountain!!! :O)
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    Holy Cow!!! ....Been a long time....hello again!

    Hey!! You are just down the road!! LOL! I'm near Ottawa!! According to this site, I haven't been here in 2 years!! GASP!! Anyway, nice to meet you! ETA: checked out your photos....beautiful!!!!!!!
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    Holy Cow!!! ....Been a long time....hello again!

    :wink::wink: Hi I'm "Artograph"'s been a long, long time.....must browse around and see if I recognize anyone!!!
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    Oil and Water.....

    Thanks Pierre....I appreciate the comments! :O)
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    Oil and Water.....

    Beautiful!!!!! For the background I used a metalic-like car shade of those things you put it in the front windshield of your car, to keep the sun/heat out. I draped it over a wooden kitchen stool and put it in front of the patio door. Gain distance between the dish and...
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    Oil and Water.....

    No good??? :(
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    Oil and Water.....

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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    --Boxer Turtle-- Week 28: Suggestions and Topic Voting

    Cool! Eyes Texture in B&W Something old, something new... Salt and Pepper It floats!
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    A few shots from this morning...

    Thanks guys!!! I appreciate the feedback! :O)
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    A few shots from this morning...

    Nothing....? :O)
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    A few shots from this morning...

    Comments/critiques.....good bad or ugly...greatly appreciated!! ;) 1. Funky Weed... 2. Where's Waldo?... 3. Purple Cone Flower... __________________
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    Since I got Hated on...

    Welcome! :O)
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    Beautiful Church Window

    The colours are wonderful....and I really like the reflection of the glass to the right! :O)
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    Dramatic Mansion

    I just love the dramatic nature of your photos!!! :O)
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    Graveyard House

    Nominated for July Photo of the Month!