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    Monitor settings

    1920x1200 sounds about right for that size of display and if you choose a lower setting you will probably see the image appears less sharp. For the colour hook up your ColorMunki and run through the calibration process. I just looked up the Dell U2410 and it appears to be a very old display...
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    Photo Color different when printed

    Joe has explained it pretty well and I would agree you shouldn't become too anxious about small differences. The only proviso I would add is that successful soft proofing really requires a calibrated desktop display of a certain level in a suitable environment for visual reference. If you are...
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    Just Did a Little Fighting Back

    Opera now includes a free VPN and it doesn't slow down your web browsing to a huge degree. I gather Chrome is likely to have one soon as well, so I think the end result will be a lot more traffic that looks like this to your ISP: 111001001010101010010101001010010010101011010101 Browser |...
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    Photography Lawsuit

    An afterthought, but if the OP can find any trace of the images being used by anybody from the wedding, whether on Facebook or anywhere else it's a slam-dunk with no further discussion. He could insist on full payment with no excuses or turn around and threaten legal action for breach of...
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    Photography Lawsuit

    I haven't read the entire thread, so I'll merely say I'm glad I don't shoot weddings. There have been plenty of late payers with commercial assignments for advertising or editorial, which is bad enough, but no threats of legal action. I have no idea whether the pictures are any good or not...
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    Current business owners ...

    In my case it was over ten years, but it started as a hobby when I was 13. I spent four years at art college, followed by some time as an assistant. Then after spending a couple years testing models in Milan I started working professionally.
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    Photo Color different when printed

    Printer profiles are device specific, so in that sense you cannot use their profile with your own printer. You can soft proof the image on your display though if they are willing to provide you with an ICC profile for the chosen paper. It's not an unreasonable request. One caveat here is that...
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    Beauty Dish - Need ideas for Photoshoot

    This is one I have that can be used pretty well for larger subject areas. I have a sock and front grid for this one as well. A key difference is the internal gold reflector you see that produces nicer skin tones.
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    Any landscape photographers considering the Hasselblad X1D or Fuji GFX 50s?

    I'm hopeless at landscapes, so there isn't a camera in the world I would buy for that purpose. More broadly I'm interested in watching the progress of both cameras, but right now is a good time to be patient. In the past I used Hasselblads for the vast majority of my work, but it's not the same...
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    Light metering question

    You can pick up used hand held meters on eBay without spending a fortune. In many situations that would be a lot better than using your D7000.
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    Canon 85MM 1.8 thoughts

    I've had the 85mm F1.8 for many years. It's a good performer optically with super fast focus. On the downside it doesn't allow you to focus very closely and on a full frame camera it's basically limited to head and shoulders. The 24-105L will go closer at 85mm. On occasions when I've needed to...
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    Mac Pro or PC

    I do all my work on a mid 2010 Mac Pro with 32 gigs of ram. That's the 8 Core 2.4Ghz, which includes multithreading, making it a virtual 16 core machine. Recently I added a PCI based SSD, since the old SATA was clearly the weak link and this has made a huge difference on certain tasks. It's a...
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    raw vs jpeg

    With Jpeg you basically get what Canon or Nikon decide your image should look like and it's nowhere near capable of showing the full tonal range of your camera. Jpeg is also awful at handling post-production edits, so it's a "lose lose lose" situation. Stick with Raw 100% wherever possible, not...
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    Yashica Mat 124

    That's a blast from the past as I remember these being an economic entry point into the world of medium format. I'd give this one a miss if there is anything that doesn't look right. The price seems a little steep, even for one in perfect condition.
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    Zenza Bronica ETRS body - now what?!

    My first medium format camera was the bigger Bronica SQA, but the ETRS was a respectable camera. A quick search eBay shows you can pick up a camera with 2-3 lenses for around $500, but you would really want to check for general condition and any mechanical issues. In terms of quality there is...