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    My Michigan

    Where's that at? May have to take a road trip some weekend! Looks like a they belong in a "Pure Michigan" ad! We avoided The Lake last weekend because of the crowds.
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    Cooper's Hawk - Pigeon sympathizers should ignore

    Great shots! Glad you were able to get them! Our feeders our equal opportunity also. I'll spot a coopers or sharp shinned buzzing the feeders occasionally...and will have evidence of nature in action once or twice a year.
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    Local photog selling drone photos of restricted area!

    There are some people who think laws only apply to others.
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    Winter's brink is at my doorstep

    Broken patella??? OUCH! Was really hoping to get out to the Rockies this fall, but things didn't work out. Really like the ethreal feel of these!
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    The Coffee House

    Of course had to be mindful of natures own walking chemical defence sites...had a couple skunks getting a drink from the garden pond.
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    The Coffee House

    Hey, thanks for the reminder! I have to break the Geneva convention and do a pre-emptive chemical strike on a wasp nest under some siding on the house. Its 10:30 pm, hopefully I'll catch those buggers off guard!
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    The Coffee House

    Wife and I just watched all 3 seasons on Netflix. Really wish they would make a 4th!
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    Stuff U Can't Make Up

    To confound the age old question of where bears, uhhh... do their business Bear walks into home, then poops and leaves
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    The Coffee House

    I'm interested in Gary's orange liqueur. Been playing mad scientist and turning inocent apple juice into something a bit more harder lately.
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    Piping plover adult and chick

    Cute little fuzzball on stilts! Surprised to see that the chick isn't banded yet!
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    The Coffee House

    Has any one watched "One Step Beyond"? Sorta like Twighlight Zone, only based on real stories of paranormal and other unexplainable events.
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    Yellow Warbler, Yellow-Rumped Warbler and Unknown

    Very nice! How did you get the yellow warber to sit long enough to focus on? Those little buggers are constantly on the move! I have plenty of pictures of branches with oof yellow blobs in a corner to prove it!
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    Well the blue bird of happiness it isn't! Nice shot!
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    What to take to Disney World

    4 pages and nobody has mentioned Xanax and Exedrin yet??? :biggrin-93:
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    Finally... Back out shooting from the kayak

    Do you find the wildlife easier to approach on kayaks? Wife and I keeping tossing around getting kayaks. The last photo looks like it's from a car ad! Looks like a beautiful spot!