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    Getting back outside C&C

    That's personal preference. The subject is beautifully surrounded by nature. That's called framing. It works in both these shots. In my opinion.
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    Getting back outside C&C

    both of these images are great. and just because the rule of thirds exists doesn't mean it's meant to be followed at all times. you don't need c&c from this forum. go get work. that second shot is epic! infact it's going in my bank for inspiration.
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    Advice from a professional

    Ok, so you take great pictures. Stop listening to peers. 80% don't know sh!t around here. 10% do and don't help because they don't need the competition and the other 10% are busy working and feel like your work is fine anyway. Get away from listening to people unless you truly admire their...
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    I'm BACK!

    I believe I have hit a wall. You can't ignore moderators. Sorry TPF, but if you have incredibly bad photographers giving critique as "moderators" (a term that gives some validity to their work in a place like this), and I can't ignore their completely baseless opinions, I can't stick around...
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    How much money have you invested?

    After looking at your website sir it is very clear, that you are not qualified to give any critique on anyones work. Getting retards to pay you to take pictures is business. Getting awards and having talent is photography. Everything on the front page of my website was shot with a rebel. And...
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    How much money have you invested?

    First of all I don't shoot sports. BUT I would take that challenge any day. A rebel T2i with a 70-200 is totally fine to shoot fast action. You're probably the kind of photographer that shoots constant 6fps until you get your magic shot. It's safe of course, but not necessary if you can...
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    Flash Battery Pack

    So I'm finding that my rechargeable batteries are causing me to lose some great moments from changing to often. Any advice on getting a battery pack that's affordable, lightweight and just lasts longer than the average 4x AA battery? Also, can the flash have 4xAA batteries in it and still use...
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    Critique please...?

    I think this photo is great. My suggestion is stop looking for c&c here. There's always someone who think you're taking work away from them. So they try to keep you down. Just go take it. Stop worrying about what other people think. If you like it, other people will!
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    This is not an advertisement

    Im actually not sure. i have separate hosting on bluehost for that and client galleries.
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    Business Card C&C Please

    A camera! How original! The font is really bad. Its the equivalent of comic sans to me (unprofessional, no eye for design, visually unappealing) I would either get on and get someone to design a completer brand for you, or just go with less is more. Pick a simple san serif font. go...
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    How much money have you invested?

    So you're saying you couldn't make money with a Rebel? I've literally taken product photography for a client with my iPhone. Understanding composition and light has nothing to do with the gear you have. Understanding photoshop and editing doesn't require money. Just time. Also, you make a...
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    New to the Business Aspect.

    It still needs a lot of work. Get rid of the Facebook integration. The Nav buttons are too big and the contact page is awful. Also why would you charge for Self-Portraits.
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    I'm BACK!

    I guess I've seen a bit of the same here and thought nothing had changed. I've looked about a bit. Posting photos here seems a bit redundant (for me), but I've posted one. More so to weed out a few people who post for the sake of posting and block them. Is that wrong? p.s. Jason, I could...
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    I'm BACK!

    I'm trying to fit in. I already find myself ruffling feathers. My opinion is just too loud. And I'm obviously right. All the time. Mostly.
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    I'm BACK!

    You just repeated exactly what I just said. Except you think it's great and I don't. Thank you. For spending that time to repeat me. My point is that if the format were changed slightly and people could post something they were going for as well, then people could tell them how to get there...