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    Post Flickr Accounts!!

    Flickr: bango707's Photostream just started shooting again as a hobby for the first time in well over a year. It's fun and exciting again!!!
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    Beauty Shoot for "Citizen K" Magazine "How Did I Do It?"

    two hard hair lights, one on either side. Id say the key light is a beauty dish positioned slightly in front of the models face and from above.
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    Making Black Cars POP!

    Absolutely correct!!! The vast majority of the time on a professional car shoot they are using huge light sources placed in the appropriate spot (angle of incidence=angle of reflection) to get the diffused highlights. So diffused light sources are going to give you the reflections that...
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    HD lighting for video vs. lighting for portrait photography

    Any light can be used as a key light, a fill light, and a back light. You wouldn't go to a camera store and tell them that you need a new hair or fill light because lights are lights. Now your key, fill, and backlight can all be the same kind of light i.e a 650W tungston fresnel, it all comes...
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    ***Fight Club**** Round 52 Voting *Prize Week*

    Fight: Buckster Sharp: O|||||||O Many: O|||||||O Night and Day: Buckster Time of Year: O|||||||O
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    Photoshoot tomorrow with lights

    The lighting will all come down to how you want it to look. Do you want it very bright or very dark and contrasty? There are many different looks in between so you really need to know what you want before you begin. This will determine what lights you might need and where they need to be...
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    Timelapse Video of 12-day Solar Installation: Which Camera to Purchase?

    I would suggest setting your camera to full Manual, otherwise the exposure, white balance, and DOF will be changing through the end video, which creates a strobing effect that never really looks good. You will be shooting this outside so I would setup (obviously depending on the weather) for...
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    FS: Canon 16-35mm f2.8L Mark I lens

    SOLD my 16-35 (lens, hood, and lens pouch---but no box or manual) as I need the money more than another lens collecting dust! I bought this a few months ago because I figured I would be using it all of the time but I have only used it twice thus far. It is a great lens and sharp as a tack and...
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    Headshot of my mom

    not bad for your first attempt! For some reason her neck/collar is much lighter than her face which is a bit distracting for a headshot. You could try cropping the bottom a bit higher which might help. Lastly I would use PS and do a quick touchup on her neck and tone down the wrinkles maybe 65%...
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    Guide Numbers Studio Flash

    I am going to agree and disagree with this statement. If you have too much power you can always power the unit down, use scrims, and or use ND gels to lower the intensity of the light. On the other hand if you don't own scrims or ND gels then you are stuck with the 5-7 or however many stops...
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    Schools of photography.

    I graduated from Brooks back in December. I was in their motion picture program but took a number of photography classes from some really great professors. The best part about the school is the ridiculous amount of equipment that is available to the students and the amazing facilities where you...
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    cant find a thread :(

    I have spent the last three days trying to find a post but to no avail:confused: When I first joined this site there was an interview with an architectural photographer who is based out of San Francisco. It had some really great information about shooting interiors and exteriors and I would...
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    ALERT: Scammer on the forum

    Im really sorry to bring this thread back from the dead but I have a question that is related to whats being said. I am currently selling a 16mm camera on craigslist and a guy from Canada has offered to buy it. The catch is that he doesn't use paypal because "i dont have paypal to pay for...
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    WTT: Canon 24-70 2.8L for 70-200

    Im looking to trade my two month old Canon 24-70 2.8L for either a Canon 70-200 4L IS or a Canon 70-200 2.8L non IS. If anyone is interested in such a trade please let me know. My lens is mint, only used on a few occasions. I want to get a portrait lens instead which is why I am looking to...
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    exposure compensation?