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    question about flash (cool pic!)

    looks like he has a low flash camera right. um, buy ebay triggers and a wireless flash. viola.
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    more deer shots

    #2 is the best here. composition and DOF is great. the eye contact is also great. Really makes the shot.
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    Backpacking with Camera Gear--Advice?

    the adventure series is good in water. the fabric does not soak up water and there are huge zipper covers. i would trust mine in the rain, any day. as far as dust, just dont be stupid. Change your lenses when its safe, if its not then miss the shot. keep a plastic bag in your pocket and wrap...
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    Lighting equipment - REALLY need help!

    2 of these and 2 of these 2 of these
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    Backpacking with Camera Gear--Advice?

    i Just got my Tamrac adventure 7. I can fit my sb600, d70 with 18-70, 70-300, 50mm 1.8 and i have one more spot left for another lens. I would get the 7 because people have had issues with getting the 9 on planes as a carry on. It took me 3 months to make a choice, and im satisfied with the 7.
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    Yeap! still cant make a decision

    hows the build quality of the 17-50 2.8?
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    Yeap! still cant make a decision

    psh, 18-200 is crap. sorry but it is. ill clarify, i mainly shoot sports and the tele would not be for a walk around lens. it would be for sports.
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    Yeap! still cant make a decision

    Ill keep it simple. Im going to spain for 2 weeks in july. My birthday is coming up in 20 days, it would be a great time to get one more lens in my bag for the trip. At the moment my kit is a 50 1.8, 70-300 4-5.6. I NEED a walk around lens but i also want a telephoto like the 80-200mm 2.8. So i...
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    Did these in adobe lightroom

    In my opinion the first is with out a doubt the best, and is a great shot. 2 is strange with the skin, its cool, but doesnt do it for me. Care to explain the technique?
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    Holga 135bc (35mm)

    the holga 135 is nice because you can rewind the film without being in a darkroom or shirt. Although the 135 is "actually" well built and therefore lacks the light leaks that cause the funky effects holgas are know for. Expensive from that site, check ebay!
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    CF card readers

    I went to staples and spent 30$ on a sony reader. it can do sd cards, compact (type l and ll) and those little sony duo cards. it works fine.
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    80-200mm or 70-200mm sigma

    Nikon 80-200mm 2.8 Sigma 70-200mm HSM 2.8 I realize the sigma will focus fast. And because i will be using this for sports thats very important but. Which lens is sharper and better optically? The sigma is notably cheaper and i guess that worries me because its so new. So which would...
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    Grandpa's house

    I like the first one more, but i wish it was a bit sharper.
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    gimp or something for free

    Lightroom is great