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    Gimp quick referens card
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    Photography Websites??

    It will come more written by amateur to amateur.. Photo and Pictures About strobist he is much to busy nowadays...was much more informative before its fame.... Digital photograph school has developed when several begun writing on the site... Yours Bengt
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    Long exposure and abstraction C&C

    I never thought of Rule of thirds...i think i have it in the back good critic....
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    Long exposure and abstraction C&C

    at ipernity ipernity: abstract1 - by Bengt( Long exposure makes abstraction
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    A Question...

    understanding that its about 50% editing and 50 % photo...
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    Second and Third lens

    Fast lens is right for you will learn alot and give you decent pics. So go 50mm/1.8 or 35mm/1.8 Sigma lens isnt worth time really got it and its auto motor is really bad... even you can good pics with it
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    Shooting in Raw

    If you are unsure shoot raw because you can change white balance....and alot of other thing later
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    Lighting product photo

    LEDs are very cheap but use a gray card or a white balance filter. You can use a white opacity stuff from ikea if you find the right nyans they are as good as the one's you buy... Better white balance in your images with the white half transparent plastic tray | Photo and Pictures
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    Making Creative Commons Pictures..

    @NiKOnSLR Probably seeding on the flower @KalaMarie Yepp i like is better than flickr i think
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    Making Creative Commons Pictures..

    Making Creative Commons Pictures ipernity: fron - by Bengt(
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    Bare bones starter kit

    Your mobile phone can take good pics...if you wont enlarge them... i started a cellphone group to train composition ipernity: Group Cell phone or Mobile
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    Exhibition C&C

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    Exhibition C&C

    They had an exihibition right on the street. I have a group at ipernity. Join in ipernity: Group Photo and Pictures ipernity: Crop of pic - by Bengt(
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    Street photo C&C

    Good critic thanks i see what i can do...
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    Street photo C&C