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    Playing Catch Up

    I've regretted not going to Nikon since very early on. I used to really want to do concert photography and the Nikons were and are still so much better at that due to better low light abilities with iso and with focusing systems. So I've said if I ever get the opportunity I would do it. This...
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    Why do you take photographs?

    To me a photograph is proof that perspective (physical, emotional blah blah blah) can alter anything. I like to play with that.
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    Playing Catch Up

    I've been weighing costs versus how much I'll actually use it, and what I'll use it for. Like I said I've been out of the game for a while and keeping that in mind I'm kind of hesitant to spend a big chunk on something if I get bored with it three months from now. So, I'm actually leaning...
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    Q for Canon shooters. Next Lens?

    I really don't know what's next for a lens. I think I've finally figured out what I'm going to do camera wise so maybe a wide or widish prime? Will have to wait and see what piques my interest.
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    That's really nice.
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    Weekly challenge 6/15 - 6/21 Things are looking up!

    Snow, I'm really digging Up The Waterfall
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    Weekly challenge 6/15 - 6/21 Things are looking up!

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    I need advice in buying my first camera and lenses!

    I should consider changing my signature to indicate that I've probably forgotten more than I know about photography and equipment. :culpability:
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    Welcome, this is a nice place with good people. Except for that @Overread guy. He's shady and used to horde bacon.
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    What is your favorite Lens?

    24-70 L Mark 1 IMG_7363a by bentcountershaft, on Flickr 227005_1892412864047_6188217_n by bentcountershaft, on Flickr
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    Playing Catch Up

    I've been a Canon shooter for ten years. I've often thought of going to the dark side. Here's my gear at the moment: Canon T1i 24-70 L (mark 1) 70-200 L 2.8 IS (mark 1) 85 1.8 Nifty Fifty 18-55 kit lens I've been saying for at least 6 or 7 years that I'm going to sell the 70-200. If I'm...
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    I need advice in buying my first camera and lenses!

    There's really no need for a DX only telephoto lens though. The idea behind the DX mount (and the EF-s for Canon) is to provide wide angle capability for crop sensor cameras. The lens base is actually closer to the sensor as I recall, than a full frame counterpart, which enable this. On the...
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    Canon 80D new or refurb.

    Ten years ago I bought a refurb T1i and I'm still shooting with it. Whenever I get around to upgrading I'll likely go the same route. You made a good choice.
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    No word association?

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    No word association?