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    Pricing help + New website

    Read this - Creative Pricing and Packaging for Photographers
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    Pricing beginners vs experienced

    Don't do anything until you read this - Creative Pricing and Packaging for Photographers
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    Wedding Photography: What's a fair price to charge?

    I created a site dedicated completely to setting your photography price list. After 6 years in business I still couldn't set prices that I was absolutely confident in. I found something that helped me and I created that site to share it with others. Hope it helps! ==> Click HERE to see exactly...
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    I have some tips for getting more referrals in a recent post. As far as maternity pictures (or any pictures for that matter) remember that is all about the light. Find great even, soft light first then worry about backgrounds and such later. Also, shoot pregnant women from above when possible.
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    soft glow..

    Thats depth of field. Or.. short depth of field in this case due to a large aperture. Checkout this link for some info.
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    Lighting Help?

    When you say "very poor lighting" what do you actually mean? Low light, dark ceilings, high ceilings, flourescent light? If you just have low lighting try some bounced flash. Turn your flash to point at a wall or the cieling and expose as if you didn't have the flash on at all. Say 800-1600...
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    Critique please: white on white product shots

    I would highly recommend getting some sort of dress/shirt form for these photos. Also - your highlights are blown out in the shirt. Black background would be best imho.
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    full flash how do I do it?

    Are you referring to fill flash? You don't always (very rarely actually) need to use fill flash. You should really only use it when you have dark shadows from direct overhead sun or a hat. If you have the choice, do the session in the late afternoon and have the subject face into the softer...
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    In NEED of professional flash photo album creator!! please help!

    Google picasa and Simpleviewer - google it b
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    1st Post...Looking forward to learning from you guys...

    Lol @ pictage is the devil.. hahha. I guess that gets the point across. :) Sign my name to Sharkbait's post. Something to remember tho - if you forget about the quality of the photography and learning new things... the rest really doesn't matter. b
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    Custom Package Designer

    Ok, Only thing I see- Second Question Which album - budget or art leather (both 10x10) Third Question Several Options (Two of which are 8x5 x 11) Are these two completely seperate albums you are referring to, or one? Thats it.. the rest is fine. :) b
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    My Website

    Ok - I think your idea is great. I really REALLY do not like the huge WendyKlein Photography - for every gallery Make a logo - or a least a set font - see my website and several others on this board - and put it in just one place (top center, etc.). Visitors know that all of the galleries...