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    Creating orange scratches/drawing on a C-print?

    I've recently taken on a project where I need to write/draw on top of a c-print. I remember being able to create orange scratches (namely, drawing an orange mustache on a photo of my sister) on family photos when I was a kid, but I've forgotten the process involved. I've also tried an internet...
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    A Foggy Cape Neddick

    I do wish the lighthouse in the back had a few more shadow tones to it-- it's a bit too airy for my taste right now. I like the kids in the foreground, but I think they would look more intentionally framed if they were a bit more separated from the dark tones in the rocks.
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    The Valley Wall

    I agree. I originally shot it as a bracketed HDR, but I think it looks better simply tonemapped from one exposure.
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    The Valley Wall
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    Our Best Macintosh!

    Don't forget to put in some shadows.
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    From Governor's Island

    We rode free bikes around the island, which is an abandoned Coast Guard base.
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    Banyan arch

    I blew it out accidentally. I don't mind the way it turned out, but what do you think?
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    Banyan arch

    Thank you. I can see how it could be confusing... I think this may be because of the small image.
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    Under the falls

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    Nubble Head Light (x5)

    I don't mind the halos-- I wish the halo continued up to the top of the lighthouse in the first, though, because right now it looks like you took a big soft brush to highlight the edge of the ridgeline, but missed that top (not saying that you did, but years of Photoshop slavery gives me...
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    Bremen Market Panorama

    I very much enjoy the distortion in the buildings-- it makes it seem as if they were from a cartoon or fantasy illustration. Too bad about the spire-- do you have a shot of the top of it? You could probably add it in fairly easily if you did-- the blue sky in the rest of the image would be easy...
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    Banyan arch

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    The Misadventures of Superman

    Awesome. Love the treatment on number 3. 13 is very nice as well. Is there anything in particular you're trying to show about him with these photos?
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    Soon-to-be Author - C&C Appreciated

    Three is my favorite, but I'm also not sure how well it would translate to a smaller bookjacket format. You might want to consider just a very simple headshot-- head and shoulders so that it could be reproduced small without losing any detail. That doesn't mean that it has to be completely...