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    Win a copy of Understanding Exposure!!

    I received a copy as a gift after I had already bought a copy. So I'll still have it for myself.
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    Win a copy of Understanding Exposure!!

    Well here it is. Enter to win the 3rd Edition. For Free.
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    Win a copy of Understanding Exposure!!

    My facebook page is giving away a copy of Understanding Exposure 3rd Edition by Bryan Peterson. Click the link and it'll take you to where you can sign up. You don't have to like the page or share it on your wall to enter, although it will ask you to do both. This is a great book for...
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    Down to the City. C&C Please.

    Anyone else? Another question as well...Is there anything you can do about the distortion in the pictures? Especially in the first one. The buildings on the right look level, but as you go farther left they look like they're leaning.
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    Down to the City. C&C Please.

    Went downtown the other night and took some shots. Let me know what you think. 1. ISO 100, 50mm, f/8.0, 2.5 sec 2.ISO 100, 50mm, f/22, 1/15 sec 3. ISO 100, 50mm, f/1.8, 1/4000 sec
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    Minneapolis Skyline Take 37 C&C appreciated

    Love number two. Very nice!
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    Wow.... I am speechless

    I wish I could see this page...
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    Long Exposure.. Can I get some C&C?

    I like number 2 better. The 2 lights in the center of number 1 are really really distracting.
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    Working on my business Card C&C

    How are all the other words bilingual? They look to be plain English to me.
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    Pentax lenses

    I bought mine to make due until I could afford a real macro lens. They work great.
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    Pentax lenses

    They're not. The twist on just like a lens to the body and the lens onto the extension tubes.
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    C & C please.

    I would have kept shooting, but like I said, less than a minute after I got that shot, it was just a solid blanket of cloud. Couldn't even see the moon through it and there were no breaks anywhere...I can't figure out why my watermark is so large. I'm using Lightroom 3 to apply it, and in the...
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    C & C please.

    I went out last night to shoot some of the moon and unfortunately right as I went out clouds started rolling in. I was able to get one shot off, and then started focusing on the pond. This was my first time doing really slow shutter speeds and it was super dark, so I had to do all the focusing...
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    Go check out the moon tonight!

    It's going to be 14% larger than it ever has been in the last 18 years. Should be able to get some great shots.
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    Need C&C Please

    He means try turning the camera sideways sometimes. All of those pics are taken in landscape orientation. Try using portrait.