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    A couple random pics from tonight..

    V Dub is in the house. Cool pics.
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    Formula 1 vs. NASCAR

    These shots are inspired by IRON FLATLINE. I showed his shots to my friend who is a HUGE Jimmy Johnson (NASCAR) fan. He asked me to shoot some pics to put in his 5 year old boy's room. Personally, I'm more of a Formula One fan so I had to tease him with this first picture of the Ferrari car...
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    Your judgement please

    Wow! Great shot. I love the way you captured her curves, the contrasts in colors and the way you broke up her jeans from the sky with the tree.
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    First bike shoot

    Awesome picture of an awesome bike. I love the "industrial" look of the metal colored bike against the concrete wall. If this is for a magazine shoot, I would probably clean up the undercarraige a bit. Lookes great!
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    I'll Give Someone $1 If...

    How many fps will that thing shoot on full auto?!
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    I think I might like this shot

    It looks awesome. I was immediately drawn to the tree. I love the red background.
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    Hidden Away

    Cool Citroen! I like the second pic best. I like the lighting.
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    Great looking car! Let's see some more of it from different angles! It looks like you have taken great care of the paint.
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    Proper zoom for panoramic photos

    I have a Canon 20D (1.6 crop). I recently tried to take some panoramic photos at 35mm zoom setting and got lots of distortion. Can anyone tell me what I should be shooting at? Here is my picture if anyone is interested:
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    Daughter's Portrait - Help Needed

    I am fairly new to photography and want some "expert" advice. I recently took some Easter pictures of my two daughters with the intent of printing one on 24" x 30" canvas to put in our family room. I took quite a few pictures and my wife and I can't decide which one looks the best. I'd like...