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    This is a beautiful shoot!!!!!
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    Over/Under Piers

    These are really nice. The 2nd one would be my Fav. That I would enlarge and hang up!!!
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    The beaches of Olympic National Park, Washington State, USA

    These are beautiful shots. I have a place like this where i live in Saint John NB. Canada. Its called the Irving Nature Park. Very nice
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    Boat Launch

    Just a quick question...Do you take any bad photos? These are great!!!
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    Boat Club

    Okay, These shots are Truly fantastic. The detail, color...everything is great. What Camera are you using
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    Road to Knowhere

    This pic is great. I love it!!!!!
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    Sand & Sunrise

    The fourth one is great. I love the detail
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    How bout another sunset...

    Amazing Shot!!!
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    Amsterdam Pano

    This is a great shot!!!