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    Noob has questions.

    just looked it up, $9,500! Yes, no difference. You loose one stop of light with a x1.4 and two stops with a x2 though.
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    Noob has questions.

    The Nikon 500mm f4 costs about £5000 (dunno in US). My friend who shoots some football uses a 400 f2.8 (i think) and teleconverters where necessary.
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    Noob has questions.

    I think this is what you mean?
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    Camera buying guide

    YES!!! STICKY!!!!!!!! STICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    DSLR vs Compat Digital
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    Engagement Photos

    :lol::lol::lol: The sticky out bit!
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    The Lowry centre Manchester

    The inside is quite impressive too! Great shot!
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    Is everyone just posting in the first two forums?

    I agree with him as well. Just wondered whether we should do anything about it
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    New Rebel vs. 30D and PC vs Mac ??

    Don't tell people that in England. Everyone has a manual gearbox (stick shift) car. Microsoft would loose a significant market!
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    D50 & 2GB SD cards?

    I was going to post this yesterday! I haven't tried, but lots of reports on the net seem to say that they do. Bobbo Galbraith has reviewed a load here EDIT: Just seen something, apparently it won't format 2GB SD cards, but will...
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    Engagement Photos

    Stand the couple next to each other, point camera at them, press shutter release. More specific questions will get you better answers, which bits in aprticular are you worried about, e.g. what equipment to use, flash or no flash, organising people, what list of shots should be there, how do i...
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    SD vs CF

    Which doesn't sound important until you misplace a 1gig Ultra II SD card, like i've just done.:x
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    SD vs CF

    The CFs are bigger, in terms of performance, they're both pretty much the same. You'd not notice a difference between them.
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    Is everyone just posting in the first two forums?

    While I really like the idea of the beginners -> beyond the basics and business forums, is it just me, or is everyone asking gear related questions in one of these two forums? How can we get the gear questions into the gear forums? At first glance it looks like all we offer is advice on what...
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    what lenses to buy?

    How much money can you spend?