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    A Question on Subjects and Focus

    Also, yes, I could have used a higher aperture to get them both in focus, but this would cause me to either use a super high ISO, making the picture much too noise, or cause me to lengthen the exposure time which would have the effect of making it increasingly likely that the subjects or their...
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    A Question on Subjects and Focus

    I recently took a trip to Death Valley with two friends of mine. These friends are the couple pictured in the photo. I dragged them along with me on a few night sky photo sessions, and happened to take this photo during one of them. Now, when I took it, I was thinking that it made more sense to...
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    Rocky Mountain Sunrise

    Longs Peak at sunrise in Rocky Mountain National Park Nikon D7100 Sigma 17-50mm @ 50mm f/2.8 ISO 100 1/25 sec.
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    Windows Photo Viewer Problem

    I've found that the real problem is that some programs generate an ICC version 4 profile, while Windows Photo Viewer will only recognize an ICC v2 profile. Changing the program to generate a v2 profile (most programs have this as an option) will also fix this issue.
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    DX Lenses on Film Camera

    Firstly, I'm aware that there are other threads on other forums dealing with this issue but I haven't been able ot get a straight answer. My sister and I both enjoy photography a great deal and both own Nikon digital SLR's and Nikkor lenses. Between the two of us we have a D70s, a D40, and...