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    So, I went to Subway at lunch...

    Hmm. I was driving today and one landed right on my leg. I had to play with it, pushing it all over for it to fly away, little pain in the ass. Supposedly good luck if they land on you, though.
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    Point and Shoot for Younger Sister

    You can get a used Rebel XT for like $350ish with the kit lens. Very good starter camera. I feel that starting with a DSLR will motivate more than just a point and shoot. Everyone has a point and shoot. Photographers have DSLRs.
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    Can someone give a review?

    You say it like no one posts macros of flowers. I believe that's FAR more played out than this. I like drop as well, and I have a soft spot for plosh and bedroom view. I think your flickr needs to grow.
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    Band Logos

    That. Oh, and the fact that Photoshop has been out for like 20 years. It's far from new.
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    Band Logos

    Yeah, but then you wouldn't be having this argument. Photoshop doesn't make this photography. End of story. Don't try to argue because if you do, you'll be wrong.
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    First 40D Pics :-D ( 4 pics )

    Wow! Just amazing! Would you mind sending me high-res images? I'd REALLY like to see them!! if you don't mind. Thank you!
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    It is a bit overexposed. For shooting something like a waterfall, you may want to use an NDF (Neutral Density Filter). It will allow you to use a longer shutter time while still properly exposing the image, and will give the flowing water a very soft look.
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    Great Tits

    lol I'm with you.. I pulled out my cell phone for this one thinking it would be NSFW..
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    Decent beginner portrait set up?

    To be honest - I'm really not sure of the budget. As I said, it's really just a hobby. I don't NEED any of it immediately. That said, I don't have a set budget I can spend. I know my "Not a lot" and someone else's will mean totally different things. I'll leave it at this - I'll spend what I...
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    Decent beginner portrait set up?

    Ok, to start off, I've got a Nikon D70 currently. I plan on picking up the nifty fifty as I'd like to start doing a bit of portraiture. Cars are my number one hobby and with that and work I don't have TOO much time for photography, but I am very interested in it and it does excite me, so I...
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    Motorcycle C&C

    Dude those are amazing. How'd you manage the lighting!? The third picture I feel should be toward the left of the frame or centered, but other than that.. HOLY ****! Nice work.
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    BEST Monitor or specs for color/photo accuracy?

    Why don't you give us a price range? Out of any monitor, I'll recommend a Dell 2407WFP. I bought mine for around $800 when they first came out. They can be had now for very reasonable prices. Very good color, very large, high resolution (1920x1200). I have yet to see a monitor I'd rather...
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    No more cc?
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    Newbie: Which one should I keep? Rebel XT or S5 IS?

    Good job not just listening to forum babble. I've owned an S3, S5, and rebel xt. XT wins hands down. If not for anything else the fact that you CAN upgrade later. You'll hear a lot from photo buffs trashing the kit lens and built-in flash. The kit lens really isn't too bad. It does its...
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    I think the angle is too extreme for that.. it looks like it would fire too far to the right.