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    Thank you, it was fun.
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    First try at B&W

    I agree, the spring will be nice with those couple adjustments. The others aren't overly interesting. It also looks like, from the first image, you either have some sensor dust or some dust spots on your lens.
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    9 Point Buck and a Red Tailed Hawk

    Love the Hawk, but I do wish he was more to frame right. That composition would have given him somewhere to be looking.
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    CC please

    The posing it fine, They could have been a little closer together but that's not a big deal. What were you using for lighting? The open windows are too bright and blown out because you were trying to expose the group properly. Also, the white balance seems to be too warm or yellow so the skin...
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    So I've come to the end of my year long, 52 week project. When I set out to do this project, I never had a theme in mind really and that's pretty evident going through the set. There's a pretty big mixed bag of styles and types of photography. It was a good learning experience and there are...
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    This is Stacey. I met him at the Orange Toad in Flin Flon, MB while having a coffee on one of my last days of vacation. After meeting and talking for a few minutes, Stacey wanted to show me his new glasses so I asked if I could take his picture. He turns 42 next month. Stacey - 52/52 by FourB...
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    My project 365 for 2015

    Good Luck with your project. I like the parameters you have set for yourself.
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    My feathered friends :)

    That first portrait is just stunning
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    Just about done this project, one more photo to go. I don't think I will be doing another weekly project for 2015 but I'm going to find another personal project to work on to keep going on my photographic journey. Happy New Year everyone!
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    One from a concept shoot a few weeks back...

    HDR? Really? I don't see any way HDR would improve this shot. Actually, I wouldn't change a thing.
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    Another Bulldog Pic

    Nice lighting!
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    This week I braved the minus 27 Celsius temperature with a windchill of minus 42 to get my shot. The skies finally cleared up here in Northern Sask and I couldn't resist the last few moments of daylight. Amisk Lake - 51/52 by FourB Photography, on Flickr
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    winter wedding in vail colorado

    The light on that second shot is just beautiful!
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    Old House C&C

    I think it is a nice location, and one you should shoot from numerous angles and compositions. I find the foreground to be uninteresting in this shot and having the subject dead centre of the frame isn't working for me. You could probably place it on the lower third line and include more of...
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    I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday Season. I'm in Northern Manitoba this week and next, on the Saskatchewan border, and was hoping to shoot the night sky but the clouds haven't lifted since our arrival. At least the in-laws have a photogenic pup to keep me busy. Trapper - 50/52 by...