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    What is the NSFW section and how do you get in?

    What is the NSFW section and how do you get in?
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    Newbie to the forum

    Thank you!
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    Comment by 'BoudieTog' in album 'Shots of Shooting'

    No I love it/them. Any recollection of settings and lenses used?
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    Newbie to the forum

    Hey fellow photogs! Just wanted to take a second to introduce myself, although I have to be completely honest I'm only doing so to join in on the contest. I am a photographer located in NY focusing mainly on boudoir photography. Anyone else? Can't wait to meet everyone and see all your amazing...
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    The big picture!

    I shoot with a Canon 6D. Lenses vary but im currently in love with my full frame 16-35mm
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    The big picture!

    I just mean I usually frame my image in camera then if I have to straighten in post processing im cutting into the frame more than I'd like to. I need to work on opening up my frame more in camera to leave more editing space. Now I realize this will help when it comes to blowing images up for...
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    Valentines Day Photo Surprise for my Girlfriend

    Aww that bear would be super cute if she sent you a thread back eating with it and wishing you were there.
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    The big picture!

    Thank you! Straightening is something I do need to prep in camera for a lot more. Great tip!
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    The big picture!

    You seem very knowledgeable. Thank you. I will look into the settings on my camera once I get home. Will def keep this in mind.
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    The big picture!

    Morning fellow photogs! First time on the forums so I can't wait to see all the amazing work and learn from everyone. My question is about prints. Large prints in particular. If I know that I want to print a 16x20 canvas, what do I need to be doing in camera to get the perfect print outcome? I...
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    So, ya got any plans made for Aug. 21, 2017?

    Well I'll be in NY hopefully viewing all of your beautiful images from the comfort of my bed!