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    Waiting an Horse

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    Colonial Williamsburg, VA

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    Lincoln view

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    Air Force Memorial, Washington D.C. My favourite Memorial......
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    Silence at the Pentagon.....

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    Jefferson Memorial

    Handheld. Thanks to everybody ;)
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    Pentagon Memorial

    In the honour of who lost his life, in the honour of who lost a member of the family, in the honour of the United States of America.....
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    Jefferson Memorial

    Yes, i'm here visiting a friend until Jan.07th Thanks Valerio
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    Jefferson Memorial

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    Walking in the gold

    December 2008, Camargue, South of France
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    Going to sleep

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    My crazy river

    Only 2 bridges had been closed, it was nothing dangerous, it was a nice experiences for kids and families. Thanks for comments ;) Valerio
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    My crazy river

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    Camargue, France