Brad Hardy

I'm Brad Hardy. I prefer simply to go by "bradhardy". I'm from Philadelphia Pa, and I'm impartial about the city that I'm from. I shoot photos, make videos, write poems, books, and songs, record a lot of my own music, spent 3 years traveling the United States with my band, I work for Sahara Smoke Company (, I love my job, I like photoshop more than I probably should.

I make photographs because the idea of not doing so has never made much sense to me. I don't take photos to show others the things that I see, I take them to show people what I seldom, if ever see, and often what I'd otherwise be incapable of seeing by means of anything non-photographic.
While I hope that others connect with my work on an emotional level, if I'm honest I'll tell you that in the case of my personal work, a lot of the time the motive isn't so much to get something out of another person, but rather get something out of me.

I have a hard time calling myself a photographer. I feel like I'm perverting the "photographer title" when I regard myself as such... I'm equally as fascinated with Photoshop as I am the photo taking process, probably, to a fault. I don't think my work conveys the 'purist vibe'... Not exactly hard to tell when a guy like me has photoshopped something to death, haha. I tend to think that a photograph is simply a piece in any one of my visual projects, an element. Photographer or not, I do know this... Photography is not a reality... It's never been a reality, and it never will be, and to me, there's no sort of negative connotation involved there, I'm excited by digital technology, and truly humbled by the incredible skill I see on this, and other websites.

I'm bradhardy, and at my core, I'm a big photogeek that'll gladly talk your ear off about photoshop techniques & secrets. Don't hesitate.

I'm BradHardy, and the pleasure is all mine.
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Have fun until it gets serious, and when it gets serious, get serious fast.



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