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    Photo retouching- too much?

    I don't think it's too much at all. Quite a nice job actually. Although I too would like to see a little more texture in the skin, looks a little too smooth. Aside from that very nicely done. Got skills to pay em' bills.
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    FYI for "rest areas", be careful what you take pics of

    What I would give to have traded places with you at that very moment... I've dealt with my share of otherwise big shot rent-a-cops, (though I have been approached by actual cops), it's gotten to the point that I truly enjoy the rare occasion when some idiot approaches me and trys to tell me what...
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    Occupied By Octopi - Before & Afters Included

    Occupied By Octopi is the result of an hour so of time to myself, and well... not a whole lot to do. Pretty simple set up, shot in my bedroom against a white sheet (as to make extraction a little easier), lit with a single profoto pro-7b over head through a 24 inch softbox, grabbed the octopus...
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    Self Portrait / Processing Video - BradHardy

    Hey guys, it's been some time since I've posted here on thephotoforum... I haven't been shooting as much as I'd like to as of recently, I signed a contract with a company that sort of prohibits me from shooting commercially for anybody apart from them, (whole non-compete thing), so I haven't...
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    Starting off-camera lighting

    I'm on the strobe team here. For a number of reasons, but here's my take in short... Speedlights are great. A very useful tool to have in your bag. But try and overpower ambient light outdoors at noon without the use of a good ND filter. I'm hesitant to say that, cause you do have some options...
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    Faces of War

    ya nailed it. That would have made this ridiculously good. Don't get me wrong though, it's already pretty awesome.
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    2 Portraits and 1 Headshot

    Looks like you used quite a bit of Smart Blur (although it looks more like Remove Noise) in the first photo. The photo isn't large enough for me to comment with any certainty, but you either blurred her skin, or she's got great skin naturally. It's totally just my personal taste, but I...
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    Yo dawg.

    Thanks so much for the comment! It's actually not HDR-ed. To be perfectly honest with you, I think HDR is one of the worst things to happen to photography since Fujicolor Supiria :lol: (my film friends will get that joke), I digress... You are correct, two lights were used. Both strobes, main...
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    Faces of War

    First shot is real nice!
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    Yo dawg.

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    Photographer #3

    Rub, I wouldn't take Alpha's critique all that seriously. Really hate to see somebody give such a harsh critique only to find that the person offering his or her critique has a body of work that doesn't hold a candle to that of somebody like yours. That being said, I quite like #2. I'd suggest...
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    Did I overdo it?

    if a green hue was what you were going for (which I tend to like) you nailed it. I think it's a pretty nice shot. You could use a little depth in her face, but other then that I dig it.
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    My First HDR

    awesome. i think you nailed it.
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    Brad & Mud.

    Guys thanks so much!!! So happy you guys like them. Rebel, The time I spend processing tends to be pretty relative, a per photo sort of thing. My lighting was 500 watts of fluro into an umbrella. Thats about it. Yea, I take and prepare all of my shots myself. Again, thanks so much!