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    Photographer suing tattoo artist Kat Von D over copyright infringement
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    compatibility of ring flashes

    Are you buying it for portrait photography? (please say no)
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    Are camera phones as good as digital cameras?

    Cell phone have incredibly piss-poor optics and take disgusting low-detailed images -- even under good light. It's trash. stop fooling yourself.
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    Sensor size limits

    Bigger sensors mean bigger lenses there's no way around those physics.
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    Secondary body to my D7200

    Seems like you were expecting some unrealistic vast improvement. Not shocked, they have nearly identical DR measurements. not shocked, they have the same AF module. Pretty sure you are wrong here. Play with a DOF calculator and you will see. the D750 is basically the FX equivalent of...
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    Careful with those hashtags

    Not a great analogy. Break down the essence of what these companies are doing here: you post a photo to a public app/site, in this case Instagram. Instagram has explicit language in their terms-of-service that they do not claim copyright or ownership of images publishes on their app/site...
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    Careful with those hashtags

    All images posted on this site without a hashtag are mine now. sorry guys, but I made made this claim up on a whim and now you all have to deal with it.
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    A few from lastnight, sun setting over Rosslyn/Arlington

    Great captures, you can see my old office in the first and last shots. my biggest critique would be they are all shot so very wide and may have been better framed if using a longer focal length. I much prefer #1 over #5 in this regards.
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    Photo Properties Q

    As an Easter egg, a software package I work with a lot complies all the modified dates to be 10/26/1985 9:00PM.
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    Secondary body to my D7200

    Just bring your D7200 and enjoy the trip... I have poster sized prints on my wall using an A6000 and stock lens.
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    do NOT under any circumstances spend $1000 on a D610. do NOT buy one new. Find a good condition used one for ~$500, then spend the rest on a high quality wide-angle lens like a 12-24 2.8 or alike. The D610 is still a decent camera, but the focusing module is probably it's weakest point. It...
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    Secondary body to my D7200

    You should have bought my D800 or D610. Can you really get a D750 for $500? I sold my D610 for $525. If I had the choice I'd pick D750 over D610 every single time -- unless the D610 was free. Nothing against the D610 still a really great camera, but the D750 focusing module is just that...
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    Focus in this pic

    That number is simply the widest the aperture that lens can achieve at a given focal length. TTL is automatically determined flash power based on your camera settings. You can still use TTL and manual shutter and aperture settings. When using TTL your camera will send a quick small blast of...
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    Getting focus correct

    I answered this here, in your duplicative thread: Focus in this pic