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    Wildlife Photography at night

    There's 5 things to consider for 'remote' nighttime photography: ISO speed, lens speed (f2.0 or faster), shutter speed, light, and auto focusing. 1. ISO speed...I've successfully taken extremely low light images, as in one candle only. The first step is having a camera that can do ISO 12,800...
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    New laptop for Lightroom (and possibly Photoshop)

    For what it's worth, I finally bit the bullet and bought my first Windows 10 Asus F510UA laptop. While I use my laptop only when I'm traveling, I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a 'strong' laptop. In particular, the computer comes with a Intel quad processor I5-8250U which...
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    Corrupt .jpg's

    I've had similar situations and it was not from opening and closing a JPG too many times. It was a failing stick of RAM memory. Somewhere along the way, while editing a bunch of files through Photoshop, and then doing my final 'save' on them, the couple of images that were in a failing portion...
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    Recover raw files from flash drives

    Recovering lost/erased/formatted data from a drive is a real snake pit. It's been my experience that no one program works in every circumstance. If the first one I try doesn't work sufficiently, I'll try another, and so on. Fortunately, many of the for-sale recovery programs have a demo...
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    Moving location for Lightroom 6 Files off SSD

    After screwing around in my copy of LR 6, it looks like WHERE Lightroom puts its cache and catalog files is not up to you. It puts them in the 'My Documents' and 'program data' folders whether we like it or not. For what it's worth, I checked the registry with regedit and could not find any...
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    Question/issue between Canon 16–35mm f2.8L ii vs iii

    I think I'd give Lens Rentals a try and see how one of their iii's performs. You might like their lens better than Adoramas. Lens Rentals has an option to buy the lens you're renting. I should have done that with the 24-105 ii that I rented. Hind sight is 20/20, as always. Note: I have no...
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    Lens help please

    I think I would try to return it to the seller if you bought it within the past couple of weeks. On the other hand, some sellers on ebay specifically indicate 'no returns', in which case you're stuck with it. If that's the case, I'd try to sell it again on ebay for a little less than you...
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    Copying white balance from a pre-existing photograph

    As a hobby photographer, I've given up on using a Whibal card, Color Checker and even Expo Disk (I've used all 3) trying to get the white balance 'right' in the camera (or computer, with the Color Checker). The reason is I shoot mostly hand held, the lighting source from one shot to...
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    Canon Mark IV Not Reading Memory Card

    I don't know about the 5D4, as I have the 5D3. I try to remember (at 71, my memory is slipping too fast) to turn off the camera before removing a memory card. Part of that habit is due to a known issue on computers when removing a USB memory stick without properly 'ejecting' it to finish...
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    Data corruption issue

    I've given up trying to use a 'built in' (I built the computer) CF or SD card reader. After bending the pins in 3 builtin CF readers (2 brands, multiple USB and other ports on same panel), I gave up and found an external USB device on Amazon that will accept any kind of memory card. If I break...
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    Corrupted Card? Can not read all files. Help Please!

    Just for kicks, try removing the SD card from your camera and copy it to a new folder on your hard drive. After removing the SD card from the computer, see if the software can successfully 'see' all the images. I say this as Lightroom will default to your SD card least mine does...
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    Expanding Beyond Kit Lens

    When I finally made the move from a compact digital camera (Canon G5) to a DSLR, I found a used Canon 30D with grip and EF-S 18-135 f3.5-5.6 on ebay 12-13 years ago at a super price. I've been strictly a Canon shooter since 1975. Two camera bodies and a fair number of lenses later, I still...
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    Importing from hard drive to light room

    I think I'd try creating a new catalog when starting Lightroom. Alternatively, your regular, non-external hard drive may not have enough space available for Lightroom to build its temporary work files. A way to test this would be to put a small number of photos, 10 perhaps, in a separate...
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    Does the Camera Model really matter?

    A car mechanic would not be a 'good one' unless he first learned how to use the tools he has to work with. Nor does a mechanic need every tool that's available to do every job. Knowing -what- to use, -when- to use it, and -how- to effectively use each tool are all critical factors in becoming...
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    DC - Spring 2018 TPF Meet 4/6-4/8

    Fantastic images! I wish I could have made it, but my schedule 'filled in' during the past couple of months putting this weekend out of possibilities. Maybe next year.