As a child I was very active and outgoing. My father used to set up his old VHS video camera and I would perform in front of it for up to three hours at a time. I was a spunky little red head who was constantly being compared to 'Annie'.

My best friend in the entire world was my grandfather, otherwise known as Poppa. When he died in the year 2007 I was devastated, and I still am. A year earlier he had been admitted into the hospital after having a stroke and he lived the last year of his life in physical and psychological pain.

During this period I began to gain a massive amount of weight. It's only now, nine (9) years later, that I have begun the process of becoming healthy again.

I was fifteen (15) years old and a freshman in high school when I was finally able to afford my first camera. It was a cute pink digital that could fit into my backpack and I took it everywhere.I used that thing until it physically stopped working. The shutter doesn't work anymore and the display screen has a large gash on it. Yet, I still have that camera in my closet.

My parents had given me the camera in hopes of me finding something to occupy my time. I had just started a brand new school, where I didn't know anyone. All of my old friends had moved away from being my friend and I was left with the company of the only person who was always there, my dad.

He inspired me so much after the passing of my grandfather. He would say "just do it," and I would ignore his advice (and generally I still do. Sorry.) But he was / is right about alot of things and photography was one of them. Thank you Dad.
Sep 17, 1993 (Age: 28)
Prescott, AZ
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