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    My two favorite subjects.

    Gracie Gavin Shot these while trying out my new camera
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    Monkey in the middle

    Sadly, I did neither, lol. Poor monkey. He's obviously asking for help though, lol.
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    Monkey in the middle

    I was driving by the lake near my house the other day and looked over and what did I see?? A bright red monkey signaling for help! Someone actually broke a hole in the ice and stuffed the monkey into it. :lol: I don't know if I'd call them brave or stupid, but it was certainly good for a laugh.
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    7D price drop on Amazon?

    I LOVE my 7D, so I say GO FOR IT!
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    What can I say...I was bored and reading some photoshop tutorials and decided to give it a try.... These are stock photos of course found here stock.xchng - download photo (girl) and here and this is the...
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    When seagulls attack!

    We're in Destin, FL for our wedding/honeymoon and it was stormy for a couple days...made for some pretty cool shots though! Here's another from the same day.
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    Nikon D90 vs. the new Pentax K-7

    I always turn to when I want an honest review on a camera.
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    Pretty neat...

    Thanks :D It was way more impressive in person.
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    Pretty neat...

    This was taken just after a short rain shower. The sunset was a spectacular vibrant orange and hit the steam rising from the road just right. I think the effect was pretty cool!
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    What about AFTER the rain?? This was taken directly after a short shower last Saturday. The sunset hit it just right and this was the effect.8-)
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    This Photo AMAZED ME

    I found this one... It's a photoshop action
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    The Ban the person above you game!!

    Banned because you have no excuse!
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    Senior Portraits

    This is my first senior of the year! These are just a few. She's very self conscious (needlessly so) about her smile so it was hard to get her to show any teeth, but I managed a few times.