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    5d MK2 vs 7D for Skateboard filming.

    This may be a really stupid question, but back when I used to skate guys that shot video used something like this: HVRZ7U Sony HVR-Z7U 1080i HDV Camcorder with Interchangeable Lens Is everybody using the SLR's with video function now? It seems to me if you want to shoot video you would use a...
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    A Couple of Maternity Pics

    I love number one. Your model is gorgeous! #2 - kind of an awkward crop...and angle. I see what you're going for, highlighting her belly, but being a man, that picture highlights something else entirely...probably not what you were going for. #3 is fun, I just wish dad was a little more in...
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    A few new ones for C&C

    Take it easy on the depth of field. You can overdo it.
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    Had to sell my whole kit :(

    Well, its been a long time since I was here last, and I come bearing sad news. Both newspapers I freelanced for bottomed out and I was let go, and the other steady sports gig I had also went bankrupt. So I went and got a real job...the downside to that being that I won't have time to shoot...
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    My biggest problem with shots one and two is the lack of faces - a huge no-no for sports journalism. The third shot is fantastic.
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    I really liked all of them except 6. Her arm looks kinda washed out.
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    Macro Help

    I agree about putting it on manual focus. However, if you are inside the minimum focusing distance for your lens, even manual won't let you get your subject in focus. How close are you getting to your subject?
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    LP! Which one??

    Maybe so, but it would as soon tear out your carotid artery as look at you. Vicious little critters, those steasels...:wink:
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    Photoshoot Gone Wrong... CC pls

    Hair light from the back. Or don't use a black background.
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    Valentine's Day Roses C&C Please

    I also really enjoyed this shot!
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    Best Digital Camera?

    Yes, I was joking. Which is why I said "In all seriousness" on the next line. :lol: However I was not joking about Fuji. It has the best image quality that I have seen in his price range.
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    help with blown out photo?

    If it was RAW, maybe. Maybe. But as a jpeg, no. I tried to work on it to no avail. In GIMP, p.s. That's right Linux users, let's band together! Woot woot!
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    Best Digital Camera?

    The Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III will take all the sneaker pictures you want. For about $7000. But in all seriousness, if you aren't worried about FPS, may I recommend the Fuji S3? It is slow but has the best image quality I have ever seen, besides the S5 of course.
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    First Picture

    Does the horizon need to be straightened? Or does it really run downhill from right to left? I'm guessing from the clouds that it is already correct but figured I would ask. Lookin' good!
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    Moving from jpeg to raw!

    Perhaps I'm the only one left (since everyone on TPF seems to have hard-ons for RAW), but I still say that if you shot a JPEG correctly that it should be virtually indistinguishable from RAW, which you'll have to convert later anyway. IMHO RAW just lets you save blown (by which I mean, screwed...