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    New Kitteh

    Love the coloring. We lost our last Corgi last March. Maybe a kitty should be a consideration.
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    From my darkroom.

    Just printed these yesterday. Taken on a recent trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Old Rollei 3.5 Xenar, Ilford FP4 (not +, it's old!). Printed on Kentmere RC VC. Enjoy.
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    Like it! I feel that way sometimes.
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    Another new member of my family and some dog show photos

    The Collie looks exactly like Dusty, the one we had when I was growing up on the Farm. Where's the Corgi's?
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    Escalator Man

    Like it! He looks off balance.
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    Emulsion lifts!

    You certainly inspired me! I just ordered some WaterSlide material.
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    The Place Where Pixies Hide

    I think the composition is great! Love the light coming through the mushroom. Wonderful! As an aside, when I first read the title, I though it said "where pixels hide". Well, maybe they do too.
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    Today we said goodbye to our Lady Victoria...

    Very sorry to hear about Lady Victoria. We become so attached to them - maybe more than some family members. We lost our Corgi, Ginger two months ago and still miss her very much. Glad you have found a new puppy. She'll bring a lot of love to your life.
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    You Lookin' at Me? (Breakfast Surprise)

    Great catch! Love it!
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    Photographic equipment used for non-photographic purposes...

    And it's stainless steel too! Sounds like a great idea.
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    Comment by 'bsdunek' in album 'Cars,boats and aeroplanes'

    Agree! I'll take the Beech Staggerwing!
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    Yep, those little guys are very creative with the positions they get in. We enjoy watching them at our squirrel feeder. So does Ginger, our corgi.
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    Pterodactyl Painting at the Antique Mall

    Yes, I think there's some kind of time warp here.
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    Pilly in for a snack.

    Neat! We have some of those in our back yard too. Really go after the suiet.
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    increased demand for movie film

    I'm ready for some Double-8 transparency film! I. miss my movie making - video just isn't the same. Still looking.